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Steve Foye

Leadership Coach, MIFE, MCMI, PgCert Strategic Leadership

Steve works with managers and leaders at all levels. His specialist skill is coaching people who are transitioning up through leadership and strategic roles. He calls on 28 years of leadership experience, having run teams and held senior positions in highly pressured environments. 

His approach supports leaders to develop high-performing cultures and teams through a ‘One Team’ approach with clear boundaries, common values, honesty and integrity. He has experience in driving organisational culture change, shifting teams from ‘toxic’ & broken to high performance. The work starts with compassionate and conscious leadership decisions along with aligned behaviour. His approach is proven to drive improvement, raise performance and deliver excellence.

Steve’s coaching methodology is founded on active listening and non-judgemental appreciative enquiry. He is relaxed, practical and brings brevity, humour and challenge through open dialogue. Supporting people to quickly get into ‘Competency Mode’ and develop their emotional intelligence. Steve’s approach enables clients to explore their own values, beliefs and approach to leadership.


Steve’s approach enables people to explore their own values, beliefs and approach to leadership. He asks questions that help people see what may otherwise stay undiscovered, creating a new understanding of the situation and of yourself. He supports people in creating clarity in their choices, encouraging them to set actions and supporting accountability for achieving their ambitions and goals.


Steve works with clients from across sectors and at varying levels, from those in the earlier stages of their careers, seeking to explore the path ahead of them, to CEO's moving through their own transition and succession planning.


Feedback on Steve’s coaching style:  ‘A comfortable, warm and engaging coaching style, which feels very safe…. You (Steve) convey an openness that establishes a very easy equal relationship’.


Quote from Steve: ‘Leadership can be extremely challenging.  I create a safe space for people to explore their thinking, make decisions, and realise their team’s potential. ‘


Steve is a Member of the Chartered Management Institute and an alumnus of Warwick Business School & Barefoot Coaching, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 

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