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Jennifer Dootson

Executive Leadership Coach, BA and Msc (Hons) PgCert

Over the past five years, Jennifer has provided coaching to top-tier executives across a variety of organisations.  She is an award-winning conference speaker, and she passionately advocates for enhanced performance, leveraging strengths in leadership, recognising organisational influencers, and the importance of leadership roles at every level.

Jennifer's multifaceted background in organisational psychology, human resources, education, and change management enables her to engage with both individuals and organisations effectively. She is also responsible for teaching the 'Business Psychology in Action' module as part of the MSc Human Resource Management program at Manchester Metropolitan University.

She has a diverse background in both the private and public sectors, holding multiple senior consultative roles. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, she took on the role of 'Head of Medical Engagement' at her local NHS Trust, where she played a pivotal role in ensuring the psychological well-being of the staff and devised a comprehensive health and well-being recovery strategy.


Some recent experience:

  • Coached women in leadership for Growth Hub Manchester.

  • Created and embedded a coaching culture in a Global Life Sciences company

  • Created and delivered strengths-based coaching training to the top 25 leaders, construction.

  • Facilitated change management sessions aimed at speeding up the forming/storming/norming process, c-suite.

  • Conducted numerous retrospectives and lessons learned sessions.

  • Supported global change management (life science org)

  • Worked with complex stakeholder project teams to create cohesion and improve team dynamics


“I believe that everyone has the potential to be the best version of themselves and my passion is to work with individuals and teams to create the right environment and culture for that to happen. I place high importance on understanding of self and how to utilise this understanding to maximise potential.  Successful transformation occurs through consciously embedding the change you want to make into daily life and routines.”


Her coaching style is collaborative and impact-centric focusing on delivering value and providing a sustainable framework for change.  She has designed and delivered numerous leadership & wellbeing courses and is adept at planning and delivering learning sessions which have high engagement.   Her practical experience is backed up by professional ICF accreditation at PCC level, Masters in HR and PGC in coaching.

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