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Andy Powell

Executive Coach. BPharm, MBA, PG Cert, ICF

Andy Powell is a warm, curious, and non-judgmental listener who helps clients develop a deeper understanding of their values, emotions, actions, and behaviors. Through his coaching, clients gain new perspectives, allowing them to appreciate the underlying drivers and patterns of their responses. This approach naturally leads them to develop purposeful objectives and goals, enabling sustainable change for a better, more meaningful, and wholehearted life.

Andy's broad career began as a pharmacist with Boots, after which he completed an MBA and moved into senior leadership roles. He has held several international director positions as a member of the executive team at Boots International, engaging with partners across the USA, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Recently, Andy has been successful in leadership and transformational roles in the home furniture manufacturing and vehicle hire sectors, in addition to developing several coaching programs.

His diverse experiences have provided him with a deep understanding of international cultures and leadership styles, and he has built knowledge across various business sectors. Andy is known for building strong relationships founded on trust and respect. He has spearheaded the delivery of successful large-scale growth initiatives and transformational change, both operationally and strategically. Understanding the value of developing high-performing teams, Andy has a proven track record of successful leadership, which he draws upon in coaching teams and leaders.

Client Testimonials:

"My coaching with Andy has been the biggest personal transformation throughout my career to date. I've realised how my self-confidence and self-worth has been a barrier to me influencing those around me. I've been able to build far greater self confidence based on understanding my values and embracing my vulnerability. I'm now leading and influencing with greater confidence, meaning I'm operating at the level I want to be working at and my organisation needs. Andy has helped me to define the path I'll follow in continuing to develop as a leader and I would wholeheartedly recommend him as a coach"

-(Regional Retail Leader)


"Andy provided coaching support not long after I was promoted to a senior leadership role which provided great insight into my management style and leadership skills which enabled me to 'step up' within the organisation - I don't know where I would have been without him! Andy is very calm and collected and puts you at ease right away which is great as some of the work can be quite challenging and thought-provoking. The outcome of the sessions has really shaped my approach to both my working and personal life and has provided incredible insight into who I am as a person and what my values are. It's been a fantastic experience to gain this perspective and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Andy to anyone"

-(Head of Digital Marketing)

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