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Bethan Douglas

Leadership Coach,  MA (Cantab), MSc, PgCert

Bethan is a highly experienced leadership development facilitator and coach who has worked with senior leaders in the NHS and other large organisations to support their professional growth and development. Her clients achieve measurable, positive outcomes by developing self-awareness, more flexible and creative thinking, and a greater understanding of others. Bethan's approach focuses on enhancing individuals' sense of agency, depth of insight, and motivation, leading to objective improvements in their professional performance and delivery.  

Bethan brings 20 years of consultancy experience and an additional 9 years as an NHS manager to her work. She first engaged with the NHS through the Graduate Management Training Scheme in Wales and subsequently held acute sector roles in both Wales and London. In 2002, she joined the public sector practice of the consultancy Hay Group, where she developed a keen interest in psychology and its application in leadership development. During her tenure at Hay Group, Bethan gained expertise in Dan Goleman’s Emotional and Social Intelligence, Leadership Styles, and Organisational Climate, conducting research on the impact of clinical leadership on patient outcomes.

Bethan works across the public and private sectors, serving clients in the UK and global organizations. Her specialist areas include:

  • Coaching leaders at all levels, from individuals transitioning into their first leadership role to senior clinical and non-clinical NHS Top Leaders in England.

  • Coaching leaders in the public sector, particularly within the NHS, central government, and local government, including those in complex, high-profile roles.

  • Conducting in-depth, developmental leadership assessments to support appointments and transitions into senior roles.

  • Helping leaders work with feedback, transforming perceptions into valuable insights that drive personal development.

  • Designing and leading leadership development programs in the public and private sectors at both national and local levels.

  • Supporting leaders in developing resilience, fostering ongoing learning, and addressing imposter syndrome.

Bethan is known for her curiosity and insightfulness. She holds an undergraduate degree in Geography and a Master's in Psychology, during which she researched the lived experiences of women in senior leadership roles. She completed her coach training with Barefoot, holds a postgraduate certificate in coaching, and is a member of the ICF.

Bethan is deeply committed to working with others, helping them understand what drives them, what is important to them, and how they can achieve their full potential.

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