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Lynne Tapper

Neorodiversity Coach, ACC, PGC, ADHD Specialist Coach.

Lynne Tapper is an experienced, ICF-credentialed Neurodiversity Coach and trainer specialising in working with autistic and ADHD clients.

Lynne understands that everyone thinks, perceives, and expresses themselves differently. She promotes understanding and acceptance of neurodiversity, encouraging self-acceptance in both teams and individuals. Neurodivergent people often have unique profiles, blending above-average strengths with specific challenges. Lynne helps clients discover and leverage their strengths while finding effective strategies to overcome their challenges

Before becoming a coach, Lynne had a 25-year career as a Speech and Language Therapist in the NHS. Early on, she saw how effective a coaching approach could be for adults with communication challenges. From 2009 to 2020, she also worked as a consultant for a top multinational Cochlear Implant Manufacturer, developing and delivering training programs to help professionals use coaching skills with their clients.

Lynne's personal journey of raising a neurodivergent family inspired her to train as a coach, focusing on autistic and ADHD clients. Like many parents of neurodivergent children, she discovered her own ADHD later in life. She has since completed specialist ADHD coach training and now co-facilitates training for aspiring ADHD coaches at Gold Mind Academy.

Types of Clients Lynn Coaches:

  • Professionals who are autistic, ADHD or AuADHD (Autistic and ADHD).

  • Professionals who manage autistic, ADHD or AuADHD staff

Relevant Qualifications & Affiliations:

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching, Barefoot Coaching Ltd, University of Chester

  • Certified ADHD Specialist Coach, Gold Mind Academy

  • ILM Neurodiversity Coaching Endorsement

  • ACC Credentialed Coach with The International Coaching Federation

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