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Carmel Fell

Executive Coach, MSc Human Resource Development, FCIPD, Diploma Applied Behavioural Science, ICF, EMCC

Carmel an internationally qualified coach working with individuals, teams and organisations across the world, across multiple sectors and at all levels of the organisation.  She is an experienced senior business leader, and an accredited tutor of Post Graduate Coaching Education with the University of Chester as well as originator/designer of Team Coaching Education with Barefoot Coaching.

As a trained behavioural scientist with a background in psychology and qualifications in a number of profiling tools, Carmel’s work makes a significant impact on realising strategic objectives, improving organisational performance, enhanced leadership behaviour and personal growth.   In addition, she is a thought leader in building strategic coaching practice, coaching architectures and organisational learning strategy.  Her approach to organisational performance improvements is through a blend of vertical and horizontal  learning which focuses on engendering the ability to think at a more advanced level; the ability to recognize and solve problems and confidence to accept that not all problems will be solved successfully, skills so needed to navigate the complexity of business in the 21st century.  

Carmel has held a number of senior-level roles and directorships in retail, banking and international marketing sectors including with Boots the Chemists, The Cooperative Bank , Great Western Bank and Sutherland & Associates (both in Los Angeles).  For the past 20 years, Carmel has been a freelance organisational consultant and Individual/Executive/Team Coach working with a variety of organisations across multiple market sectors including automotive, banking, retail, engineering, NHS, highways, education, sport, legal, recruitment, government bodies and financial services.  

Carmel works with the whole person and teams from inside out and out.  Her practice helps individuals, leadership, teams and professional coaches to step back to gain a broader view and to look at the underlying dynamics that shape their responses and relational patterns and make choices for change   Fundamentally, behaviour is driven by values, beliefs, experiences and thoughts, therefore coaching and leadership must start there in order to be learningful, enable growth and drive transformational change. She uses several psychological tools and techniques to support learning and make informed choices leading to increased performance, management of interferences, building credibility and agility, and achievement of potential. 

Testimonials:  “Everyone had a certain trepidation about exploring and opening up to each other in this way, but Carmel is a superb facilitator and individual/team coach, knowing how to really challenge us while respecting our individual integrity and pride. The results we achieved were outstanding and sustained”   (Director, John Lewis Partnership).

“Carmel has the ability to have really honest dialogue yet at the same time, truly motivate the individual and team to reach out and explore possibilities.  I have seen such a change in attitude, motivation, approach to leadership and team working with my Managing Directors and Senior Leaders culminating in enhanced business performance and a more supportive organisational culture. I have used Carmel’s services multiple times over many years and I always see great results”.  

-(Chair, Automotive Industry)

“Carmel impressed with her ability to understand individuals, their agendas and where they sat in team dynamics.  She brings her extensive business experience and psychological understanding to intellectually and emotionally challenge those she works with in pursuit of more authentic and capable leadership”. 

-(CEO England Lawn Tennis)

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