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We offer one-to-one coaching & team development programs to support leaders and executives. All of our coaches hold Masters level qualifications in coaching and are credentialed, having transitioned from director/board level roles in various industries. This ensures that our coaches have credibility and relevance to our clients, and we coach with genuine understanding of day-to-day pressures within organisations. We are currently a team of 6 coaches.

Professional standards, self-regulation & scale

We are a network of Associate Coaches who each have different specialities and backgrounds.  The Associate network ensures that our clients work with the most appropriate coach for the job and also ensures that we can deliver at scale if required.  Associate profiles available on request. 


All Carver Coaches hold the following credentials at a minimum. 

  • BA Hons degree or equivalent. 

  • PGC in Coaching.

  • ICF membership. 

  • We adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics. 

  • Regular supervision and annual CPD. 

  • Full professional indemnity insurance. 

  • Significant corporate career history.


Lisa Carver

The business is run by Lisa Carver. 


Lisa has worked and succeeded in highly pressured corporate environments as a leader and commercial director before becoming a qualified and accredited coaching professional. She was promoted internally by every employer within a year of being hired and every two years subsequently.  Her last role was the UK MD of a multi-national media company. She has a deep understanding of team dynamics, leadership and change/transition built on an extensive career spanning global markets. 


Lisa is skilled in coaching teams and individuals.  She has a passion for people and understanding what motivates and drives them to be successful, particularly when navigating change and turbulence.   She has significant experience in building happy and productive teams which improve success.  She also regularly supports new leaders, whether it be a first time leader, or leading within a sector where they have limited experience.


Lisa uses coaching to help organisations reinvent the way they support their diverse talent through transitional life events. She also works with private clients who are in transition, looking to boost their impact and/or change their professional role. 


Alongside her coaching, Lisa offers consultancy to ensure that organisations support their returning and juggling employees as well as possible.  That might be supporting maternity returners, or those in highly pressured roles who are also juggling other responsibilities outside of work.  


Get in touch today to discuss your needs as a private client or for your organisation and discover the support we can offer. 

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