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About Us

Who we are

All of our coaches hold Masters level qualifications in coaching and are credentialed, having transitioned from director/board level roles in various industries. This ensures that our coaches have credibility and relevance to our clients, and we coach with genuine understanding of day-to-day pressures within organisations. We are currently a team of 6 coaches.

Lisa Carver

Founder & Executive Coach

Lisa Carver is a leadership coach who supports people to excel at work, whilst they navigate change, turbulence and pressure. 

Lisa’s specialist areas are: 

  • Leadership.

  • Re-integration: Hybrid, Returners & Long term leave.

  • Mediation & Conflict.

  • Psychological Safety.

  • Supporting people to perform & thrive despite turbulence & challenge.

  • Strategy and hitting targets.

  • Impact, promotion and career development.

  • Supporting those juggling multiple responsibilities inside and outside of their workplace.

  • Developing confidence and assertiveness. 

  • Stress, well-being and resilience.

Barefoot Coaching
Barefoot Coaching
Leadership Development Coach Surrey
Lisa Carver


We have a network of Associate Coaches who each have different specialities and backgrounds, we have all transitioned from director/board level roles in various industries. This ensures that our coaches have credibility and relevance to our clients, and we coach with genuine understanding of the day-to-day pressures within organisations.

Working with Associates ensures that our clients work with the most appropriate coach for the job and also mean that we can deliver at scale if required.  Full profiles available on commission. 

Leadership Development Coach Surrey
Jennifer Dootson

Executive Leadership, BA and Msc (Hons) PgCert

Jennifer's experience in organisational psychology, HR, teaching and change management means that she is able to connect with individuals and organisations on multiple levels.

She is an award-winning conference speaker.  Evangelising about accelerating performance, strengths-based leadership, understanding influencers within organisations, and the role of leadership at all levels.

Leadership Development Coach Surrey
Anne-Marie Burbidge

Executive Leadership Coach, HR & L&D Expert

Anne-Marie is an experienced learning and development leader, passionate about having a positive impact on individual, team and organisation performance. As a trained coach, mediator and facilitator, with a focus on agile principles, productive ways of working and understanding what data can tell us, she takes an evidence based approach to enabling high performance.

Leadership Development Coach Surrey
Rachel Fowler

Executive Leadership Coach BA (Hons) PgCert

Rachel Fowler is an inspiring and energising executive coach who brings topics to life and accelerates development with experiential learning.  Rachel is a lifelong student of human emotion and behaviour, she helps executives listen more actively, coax new ways of thinking and communicate more effectively.  She delivers workshops globally, including leadership development for Accenture and Cisco.

Leadership Development Coach Surrey
Steve Foye

Leadership Coach, MIFE, MCMI, PgCert Strategic Leadership

Steve works with managers and leaders at all levels. His specialist skill is coaching people who are transitioning up through leadership and strategic roles. He calls on 28 years of leadership experience, having run teams and held senior positions in multiple organisations. His approach supports leaders to develop high performing cultures and teams through a ‘One Team’ approach with clear boundaries, common values, honesty and integrity.

Leadership Development Coach Surrey
Mike Applegarth

Learning & Development Specialist, Chartered FCIPD

Mike is an experienced leadership development specialist.  He enables people to achieve strategic goals and desired change through structured workshops, coaching and blended learning.  He has a wealth of tools and learning from a diverse range of organisations, and a naturally inquisitive mind to get to the heart of key issues and workable solutions.  Mike is an author of five published works, including ‘Leading Empowerment: A Practical Guide to Change’ published by Elsevier.  He is an expert in leadership, strategy and change management. 

Leadership Development Coach Surrey
Catherine de la Poer

Executive Leadership Coach BA (Hons) PgCert

Catherine is a leadership coach with a 20+ career in senior commercial roles. Direct and reflective, best describe her coaching style. Catherine works with clients to motivate, build confidence and generate ideas to move their careers and organisations forward. Emotional intelligence (EQ) forms the centre piece of her coaching approach. She is an EQ and Human Sustainability thought leaders, speaking regularly on panels and podcasts around the world.

Leadership Development Coach Surrey
Maria Richardson

BSc (Hons) SCPHN; Dip HE (MW), RMN, RGN

Maria has 20 years of leadership experience from the public sector.  Maria holds true to her values of care, compassion, integrity and authenticity. Maria believes that psychological theories inform practice but people need time to think.

“In pressured environments we often struggle to keep people motivated and valued and the time to think is a precious commodity.”

Leadership Development Coach Surrey
Ollie Smedly

Executive Leadership Coach, BA (Hons) PgCert

Ollie enables ambitious leaders and teams to increase their impact by leveraging their skills, resourcefulness and creativity. His background is drawn from 25 years of operational and leadership experience within some of the world’s most famous brands including ExxonMobil, AllianceBoots, Accenture and most recently Centrica (British Gas). Holding Board positions as Finance Director, subsequently transitioning to Managing Director, he uses a combination of his leadership experience and ICF (PCC) coaching credentials to create a calm, high trust environment to explore, challenge and support leaders and teams to practical outcomes.

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