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Just like serious athletes work with a coach to achieve their best performance, we will help the client be the very best version of themselves as a leader, corporate executive, and as a whole person. We offer bespoke, confidential, non-judgemental and personalised support that will enable the executive to achieve and thrive. Coaching stimulates new thinking and challenges existing thinking, perceptions and beliefs.  Coaching accelerates the client's progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice. Coaching concentrates on where client is now and what they are willing to do to get where they want to be in the future.

  • Initial commitment to 6 sessions per person

  • 3-6 weeks gap between each session

  • Goals and measurement agreed and established

  • Actions between sessions to progress goals


Some objectives might be:

  • Improve specific skills – leadership, communication, commercial, delegation, conflict management, team effectiveness, persuasion etc

  • Greater productivity, faster advancement. Shift potential into performance, move into higher levels of responsibility, transition to more senior levels and realise potential

  • Awareness of limiting perspectives, beliefs, and attitudes that may be holding the client back or directing behaviour

  • Deeper learnings - about themselves, how they are perceived, where they can improve -awareness of blind spots

  • Personal comfort and stretch zones identified. We’ll establish the drivers and blockers for each individual

  • Support for facing a challenge which previously might have been avoided. A strategy for solving a problem or dilemma and some real action and progression.

  • Identify and improve areas of life dissatisfaction

  • Support and confidence in the clients own abilities

  • Emotional support, empathy, encouragement, energy and motivation

  • Format of coaching: face-to-face, telephone or Skype. 



Unite your team and together define what excellence and success looks like.  The team will commit to raise their game and take actions. We will tailor the content based on your brief, some content and areas of focus might include:

  • Reward & Recognition

  • Team Culture & Identity

  • Sales mojo

  • Building relationships & understanding others

  • Building resilience 

  • Improved personal effectiveness and accountability

  • Genuine self-motivation

  • Identify what excellence is for the team

  • Operate as a top achiever, both internally and externally

  • Improve time management

  • Identify personal drivers and focus

  • Building trust and credibility internally and externally



Identify and learn about a coaching style of leadership and understand how to genuinely motivate, engage and inspire your team.   We will tailor the content and depth of program based on your brief, some content might include:

  • Coaching Leadership style explored

  • Motivate, energise and inspire the team

  • Goal setting and time management skills

  • Influencing people and conflict resolution

  • Self awareness and how to read others

  • Change Management & Strategy

  • Developing Trust and credibility



Our programs offers support and development of your female talent, helping you to retain and achieve an engaged and diverse workforce.  

  • Maternity coaching

  • Managing Maternity

  • Female leadership support

  • Parenting workshops

  • Confidence and assertiveness

  • Develop a culture of inclusion

  • Unconscious bias assessments and workshops

  • Professional impact

  • Managing your profile

We are currently conducting some research to establish the best way to support professionals on maternity leave.  Please take part in our survey and share with your network.

If you provide your details at the end we will share our results with you. 

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